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Peoria is the eighth largest city in Illinois with a population of 400,000 in its metro. The oldest permanent European settlement in Illinois, Peoria serves as the economic and cultural hub of central Illinois and a major port on the Illinois River which handles significant volumes of agricultural goods. Although there is substantial Asian population in the metro, primarily Lebanese, it will be tough to choose the right Asian market in Peoria as there are limited options. This is especially true of East Asian influence, which is minimal in the metro, which is much less than other cities in Illinois, such as Springfield and Rockford, more comparable to other small, regional cities such as Sioux Falls and Cedar Rapids.

asian market in peoria

Majority of the Asian population in Peoria are Lebanese, whom have had a significant impact on shaping the city since the 19th century. Asians in Peoria mostly reside in the northern suburban communities, such as Mossville, North Ridge, and Edelstein, as well as the Historic West Bluffs and El Vista neighborhoods in the cwest. As such, these neighborhoods are where you will find majority of Asian markets and businesses, with most clustered along Knoxville Avenue in the north and around Bradley University.

Choose your Asian market in Peoria, Illinois based on the following characteristics from below list of four most popular markets within the metro:

Asian Market: Chinese

  • Asian Market, located on University Street in western neighborhood of Sunset Hills, is the largest and most popular East Asian market in Peoria. This market has been a mainstay in the Peoria Asian community for years and features a vast selection of products from various Asian countries, primarily China but including Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. From fresh produce and spices to noodles, rice, sauces, and frozen foods, and as well as specialty snacks and drinks, Asian Market has a broad inventory that caters to various Asian culinary needs. The market also offers a range of Asian household products, including kitchenware, cookware, gift items, jewelry, and decorations, making it a one-stop shop for Asian culture enthusiasts.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy East Asian food and ingredients in Peoria.

Mediterranean Mart: Lebanese

  • Mediterranean Mart, by Willow Knolls Drive and Allen Road in Willows Knolls, is the most popular Lebanese market in Peoria. This grocery store offers an expansive selection of spices, lentils, rice, breads, fruits, sauces, and fresh produce, as well as a variety of ready-to-eat snacks and sweets, not just for cuisines from Lebanon but across the Mediterranean, including Greek, North African, and Jewish. This market is very clean, well-stocked, and the employees provide very friendly and personalized service that helps its customers choose the best products. Mediterranean Mart is known for its pita bread and baklava choices that should brighten up anybody’s day.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Lebanese food and ingredients in Peoria.

Devon Food and Groceries: Indian

  • Devon Food and Groceries, located by Pioneer Parkway and Knoxville Avenue in North Ridge, is a prominent South Asian market in Peoria. This quaint, family-owned mart caters to the city’s growing South Asian community and specializes in providing authentic and fresh Indian groceries. It carries a comprehensive range of South Asian products, including rice, spices, lentils, flours, pickles, frozen foods, and fresh produce, and as well as various Indian sweets, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals. With its well-organized aisles, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service, Devon Food and Groceries is a great market to drop by for those seeking to whip up a tasty South Asian dish for their next meal.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy South Asian food and ingredients in north Peoria.

Masala Grocers: Indian

  • Masala Grocers, located on Knoxville Avenue by Highway 6 and few blocks north of Devon Food and Groceries, is the other large South Asian market in Peoria. This remodeled Asian grocery store has branded itself as a one-stop shop for shoppers seeking Indian and South Asian ingredients, it prides itself in providing always fresh, never frozen, produce and meats. Masala Grocers carries a comprehensive range of South Asian staples, from rice to spices to lentils, and meats common in Indian cuisine such as lamb, mutton, and goat. There is much to like about Masala Grocers, from its cleanliness and organization, to its wide inventory of food, household items, and more.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy South Asian food and ingredients in north Peoria.
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In addition to the markets listed above, there are several others so do some research on which cuisine you specifically want before proceeding. But the above list should cover most flavors so you can narrow which Asian market in Peoria you should shop at. Begin your Asian culinary trip by heading over to the market with your grocery list and open your eyes to new flavors and tastes!

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