Best Asian Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan for You!

Grand Rapids, the second largest city of Michigan, is one of the fastest growing cities in the Midwest. Birthplace of former U.S. President Gerald Ford, Grand Rapids is one of the largest furniture manufacturing centers in the country and the economic and cultural center of Western Michigan with a population of 1.1 million within its metro. It may be difficult to find your Asian market in Grand Rapids given the city’s modest Asian population of 2.8%, which is much smaller than the comparable cities in-state and within the region, such as Lansing, Detroit, and Ann Arbor.

asian market in grand rapids

Asians in Grand Rapids mostly reside in the southeastern bedroom community of Kentwood and this is where most of the Asian markets and businesses in the metro are located, along Division St and 44th St. However, the Asian population has spread northwest towards the communities of Grand Rapids Charter Township, Cascade Township, and Ada Township in recent years although there is limited business presence in those areas at the moment.

Choose your Asian market in Grand Rapids, Michigan based on the following characteristics from below list of four most popular markets within the metro:

Kim Nhung Superstore: Vietnamese

  • Kim Nhung Superstore. located on Division Street in Kentwood, is the largest and most prominent Asian market in Grand Rapids that offers a wide variety of Asian groceries and specialty items. The store features products from different Asian countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. Kim Nhung Superstore provides a diverse selection of fresh produce, herbs, sauces, noodles, rice, snacks, and spices commonly used in Asian cuisines. It is known for its extensive product range, competitive prices, and knowledgeable staff. The market is located within the Golden Bridge Plaza, where it complements several Vietnamese restaurants and salons.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Vietnamese food and ingredients.

Asian Delight Marketplace: Japanese

  • Asian Delight Marketplace, on the corner of Breton Road and 44th Street in Kentwood, is a well-established Japanese grocery store in Grand Rapids that caters to the Japanese community and Asian food enthusiasts. The market offers a comprehensive range of Asian groceries, including fresh produce, meats, seafood, sauces, noodles, snacks, and imported goods. Asian Delight Marketplace also features a selection of specialty items such as Asian cookware, utensils, and home goods. The store is praised for its diverse product range and excellent customer service.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy anything Japanese.

Seoul Market: Korean

  • Seoul Market, on 36th Street by Clyde Park Road, is a family-owned and well-regarded Asian market in Grand Rapids. The store specializes in providing a variety of Asian groceries, including ingredients and products from primarily Korea but also from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Seoul Market offers fresh produce, sauces, noodles, rice, snacks, and frozen foods commonly found in Korean cuisines. The market is known for its friendly staff and reasonable prices. To boot, there is a Korean restaurant attached to the market which sells a wide array of tasty, traditional Korean dishes that can serve as your muse.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Korean food and ingredients in East Grand Rapids.

Lee’s Oriental Market: Korean

  • Lee’s Oriental Market, located on Division Street in Kentwood, is another popular Korean grocery store in Grand Rapids that carries a wide range of Korean and Asian products. The market offers a diverse selection of groceries, including fresh produce, sauces, noodles, rice, snacks, and spices. It caters to various Asian cuisines, including Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese making it a convenient option for those looking for ingredients from different countries. Lee’s Oriental Market, which is known for its well-stocked inventory, also features a section dedicated to Korean gift items, cookware, kitchenware, and household products, serving as a one-stop shop for Korean families.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Korean food and ingredients in West Grand Rapids.

In addition to the markets listed above, there are several others so do some research on which cuisine you specifically want before proceeding. But the above list should cover most flavors so you can narrow which Asian market in Grand Rapids you should shop at. Begin your Asian culinary trip by heading over to the market with your grocery list and open your eyes to new flavors and tastes!

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