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Harrisburg is the capital and the fifteenth largest city of Pennsylvania. Situated on the east bank of the Susquehanna River which runs through central Pennsylvania and southern New York, Harrisburg is the cultural and economic hub of the Harrisburg–Carlisle metro, also known as the Susquehanna Valley, which has a population of 550,000. It will be easy to choose your Asian market in Harrisburg given its significant 5.8% Asian population, and the metro experiences strong Asian influence, similar to Philadelphia in the east and greater than Pittsburgh in the west.

asian market in harrisburg

There is a sizable Asian community in Harrisburg in Uptown, but the majority of the community reside in bedroom communities surrounding Harrisburg. Susquehanna, Lower Paxton, and Swatara townships in Dauphin County all have significant Asian populations, as well as Hampden, Wormleysburg, and Silver Spring in Cumberland County across the Susquehanna River. Both counties have their own Asian plazas and business roads so it should not be a long commute to an Asian market in Harrisburg no matter where you are.

Choose your Asian market in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania based on the following characteristics from below list of four most popular markets within the metro:

San Yang Asia Supermarket: Chinese

  • San Yang Asia Supermarket, situated on 13th Street in South Harrisburg within the Asia Mall, is the most popular Asian market in Harrisburg. This large Asian market specializes in Chinese and East Asian ingredients, offering a unique selection of spices, sauces, dried goods, including mushrooms, seaweed, and herbs, and other specialty items that are essential in Asian cuisine. The market also stocks a range of frozen foods, such as dumplings, buns, and pre-marinated meats. Shoppers can explore a selection of Asian snacks, teas, and sweets, as well as kitchenware and Asian-inspired decorative items. Within the Asia Mall, there are other Asian businesses as well, including restaurants, nail shops, hair salons, massages, and more. Asia Mall is a go-to destination for those seeking authentic Asian experience, including the San Yang Asia Supermarket.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Asian food and ingredients in Harrisburg.

Kathmandu Groceries: Nepali

  • Kathmandu Groceries, situated on Derry Street in Swatara Township, is a well-established Nepali and South Asian market in Harrisburg. Swatara has a strong Nepali and Indian community so Kathmandu Groceries is a great fit. While it is heavily focused on Nepali products, it caters to the entire South Asian community and offers a wide range of Nepali, Indian, and South Asian products, including spices, lentils, rice, flours, pickles, snacks, and sweets. Shoppers can find a selection of fresh produce, frozen foods, and ready-to-eat South Asian meals. Kathmandu Groceries is known for its extensive variety and commitment to providing authentic South Asian flavors.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Indian food and ingredients in Dauphin County.

Bombay Bazaar: Indian

  • Bombay Bazaar, located on Carlisle Pike in Silver Spring Township, is the most popular Indian market in Harrisburg. Known as a well-stocked and well-run Indian grocery store, it caters to the needs of the South Asian community and offers a wide range of Indian spices, lentils, rice, flours, pickles, snacks, sweets, and other essential ingredients for Indian cooking. Bombay Bazaar is well known for its extensive selection of fresh seafood, meats, vegetables, rice, noodles, dried food, frozen food, and other specialty items, in addition to kitchenware, tableware, snacks, and gift items. There is also a small restaurant attached to the market so you can treat yourself to warm, cooked meals.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Indian and South Asian food and ingredients in Cumberland County.

Chung Asian Market: Korean

  • Chung Asian Market, located on Carlisle Pike in Hampden, is a family-owned, beloved Asian market in Harrisburg. This market stands out for its extensive Korean food products, including kimchi, gochujang (red chili paste), bulgogi marinades, rice cakes, noodles, and a variety of banchan (side dishes), but also carries products from various culinary traditions, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese. The market also boasts a wide range of pantry staples such as rice, noodles, sauces, and spices. Shoppers can also find fresh produce, meats, and other Asian products, and a knowledgeable staff that is always willing to help.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Korean food and ingredients.
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In addition to the markets listed above, there are several others so do some research on which cuisine you specifically want before proceeding. But the above list should cover most flavors so you can narrow which Asian market in Harrisburg you should shop at. Begin your Asian culinary trip by heading over to the market with your grocery list and open your eyes to new flavors and tastes!

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