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Appleton, the sixth largest city in Wisconsin, is the heart of Fox Cities, which consist of cities along the Fox River which flows from Lake Winnebago to Lake Michigan. Appleton metro is the fourth largest in Wisconsin with a population of 245,000, and has one of the highest concentrations of Asian population at 6.4%. However, choosing the best Asian market in Appleton may not be easy despite the high Asian population partly due to the metro’s overall small size. Appleton, similar to its bigger Wisconsin neighbors, Madison and Milwaukee, has a significant Hmong population, and has greater Asian influence than Green Bay so it is a good target for those in north Wisconsin seeking Asian options.

asian market in appleton

Asians in Appleton mostly reside in central section of the city, in neighborhoods such as downtown, Erb Park and Gillett Highlands. As such, you will find that most of the Asian stores and businesses in Appleton are located along Wisconsin Avenue and Richmond Street, with pockets of influence in the South River district.

Choose your Asian market in Appleton, Wisconsin based on the following characteristics from below list of four most popular markets within the metro:

Oriental Food Market: Hmong

  • Oriental Food Market, on Wisconsin Avenue in Erb Park, is a popular Asian market in Appleton especially among locals seeking Asian groceries and ingredients. This market offers a diverse range of products from Hmong cuisine as well as other various Asian countries, including China, Thailand, and Vietnam. Customers can find a variety of fresh produce, sauces, noodles, rice, spices, snacks, and frozen foods, as well as specialties from Southeast Asian cuisines, including coconut, durian, and more. The store attached to Hmong Express, which has great Hmong dishes such as laab, purple sticky rice, and Hmong sausage at reasonable prices.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Hmong and Asian food and ingredients in Erb Park.

Long Cheng Marketplace: Hmong

  • Long Cheng Marketplace in South River is another popular Asian market in Appleton, located within a larger Asian plaza. It provides a comprehensive selection of Asian groceries, specializing in Hmong, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai ingredients. The market offers fresh produce, sauces, noodles, rice, spices, and a variety of Asian snacks and beverages. The Marketplace also has a food court that is filled with various Southeast Asian restaurants, including pho, beef noodle soup, egg rolls, and more, which seamlessly complements a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Hmong and Asian food and ingredients in South River.

Golden Green Indian Groceries: Indian

  • Situated in Grand Chute, Golden Green Indian Groceries is a small, quaint south Asian market in Appleton worth taking a look. It caters primarily to the needs of Indian communities and carries an extensive range of Indian ingredients, herbs, spices, lentils, fruits, fresh produce, and specialty sauces. However, its selections are diverse and you can also find East Asian products and ingredients here. The store also stocks a variety of Indian and south Asian snacks, candies, beverages, and frozen goods. The store is known for its friendly service and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Indian food and ingredients.

Appleton Asian Market: Hmong

  • Similar to other Asian markets in Appleton serving the Hmong community, Appleton Asian Market in Grand Chute is a grocery store that carries a wide variety of Hmong products. The market offers ingredients commonly used in Hmong cuisine, as well as other various Asian meals. Customers can find fresh produce, sauces, noodles, rice, spices, and a selection of Southeast Asian snacks and beverages. Inside Appleton Asian Market is Big Belly Deli which has a rich assortment of Southeast Asian finger foods and sandwiches, including egg rolls, crab rangoon, and papaya salad.
  • Go if you are: Looking to buy Hmong and Asian food and ingredients in Grand Chute.

In addition to the markets listed above, there are several others so do some research on which cuisine you specifically want before proceeding. But the above list should cover most flavors so you can narrow which Asian market in Appleton you should shop at. Begin your Asian culinary trip by heading over to the market with your grocery list and open your eyes to new flavors and tastes!

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